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Thursday, August 24, 2017
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School Release (Bonfire) Prayer Moments

Bonfire! School Release

Things to pray to our Lord and Father for the young people of Macon County


The week that Bonfire will come is March 26th---March 29th!  It is an awesome event for the children from 3 Schools; they will have a chance to leave school and attend a religious event via permission from their parents.  We neeeeeeed lots of prayer from Macon County.

We need churches to volunteer their time, buses, vans, people, prayers, love, care and be like Jesus.  These children are our future.   See and share video: AND sign up to help at     If you want actively involved in the prayer, Lee Shankle,

Please put the following in your bulletins, in your sermons and in your prayers.  You could set these prayers as {Prayer Moments}.   Print and talk about Bonfire in any way you can and will.

Week of Feb 27th- Ask God for the rain of living water to fall on the helpers, facilitators, churches and young people.  Jesus, Lord, would You show people that You are real, alive and full of Love through Yourself our Savior.   Would You let these permission slips and information about Your “Light” Show be given in love and with an air of enthusiasm.  Would you have Your churches to volunteer their vehicles to transport students to learn of JOY.


Week of March 6th:  Please pray for people to get into talking the event and giving out information; ask our Father to give you words.   Share with your church about the community worship services that will be held 26th-29th:   11 services will be held and need prayer coverage.


Week of March 13th- Spirit God, please fall on our county; bind apathy, complacency and self-centeredness in us and cause us to pray among ourselves for these students, every day.  Have us as YOUR church to work and supplicate together.


Week of March 20th- Pray fervently for salvation, for changed lives, for teachers at the schools and for Jesus’s love to abound, over and over and over and over and over.


Week of the 26th- for it alllll to come together:  You Lord Jesus, the group presenting, the students hearing, [let the blinders fall off, give ears to hear, hearts that will listen and take in, and for You to become the place that empty is filled.  Not just for students, but for the whole church community.


Praise and thank our God for the harvest.  Father God, please have your churches step up and disciple; invite to their church the students that need to see normal, the souls that are hurting and the young people that are looking for love from somewhere and we want it to be YOU Lord.


We bathe all this prayer in YOUR mighty, holy and righteous Name; the Lion of Judah, JESUS.  Amen